Phimosis Treatment by Novoglan

Phimosis a problem for you? You are not alone. Novoglan gentle foreskin stretcher is used by men all over the world to fix their tight foreskin. Unlike some other rip and tear solutions, Novoglan is a Class 1 medical device indicated to treat a tight foreskin.  Novoglan uses the same principal as used in surgical skin expansion techniques.

Skin will grow and expand when placed under gentle pressure over a period of time.

Novoglan gentle foreskin stretching kit - treats phimosis at home.

Novoglan gentle foreskin stretching kit – treats phimosis at home.

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NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is the only Medical Device approved for use to treat phimosis at home. It has a GMDN certificate and is listed on the register of therapeutic goods ARTG# 168962. NOVOGLAN uses gentle, regular, even, pressure to stretch tight foreskin cells. The NOVOGLAN Complete Foreskin Care kit contains foreskin cream to reduce inflammation and prepare the foreskin for stretching. The Kit also contains specially formulated foreskin soap and foreskin friendly personal lubricant. The reason why most men get a tight foreskin | Phimosis | Is due to inflammation. The Complete Foreskin Care from NOVOGLAN Is all about reducing the risk of inflammation. Cure your tight foreskin today and take advantage of the no questions asked money back guarantee. NOVOGLAN is 100% committed to your satisfaction. NOVOGLAN Designed by men for men with a tight foreskin.

Treat Phimosis with Novoglan

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