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Phimosis Facts Sheet

What is Phimosis in Males?

Phimosis is a stricture (narrowing) of the prepuce (foreskin) resulting in an inability to retract the foreskin behind the glans. Typically divided into physiologic and pathologic phimosis, where physiologic phimosis is the normal condition in which infants are born with a tight foreskin and separation usually occurs during late childhood to early adolescence. Pathologic phimosis is thought to be a consequence of several factors including infection, inflammation, or scarring. An Erect penis with a case of phimosis Normal Foreskin Development. The inner layer of the foreskin is sealed to the glans penis at birth. The foreskin is usually non-retractable in infancy and early childhood. Experts advise that non-retractability may be considered normal for males up to and including adolescence. Sexual health studies have consistently found that the foreskin, due to a very high concentration of sensory nerve receptors, plays a significant role in sexual arousal & stimulation. Circumcision can significantly reduce sensation during sexual activity. The majority of adult patients post circumcision report a significant loss of sensation and enjoyment of sexual activity.

Non Surgical Treatment Options:

Topical steroid creams are effective in treating mild phimosis and may provide an alternative to circumcision. It is theorized that the steroids work by reducing the body’s inflammatory and immune responses, and also by thinning the skin. Stretching of the foreskin can be accomplished manually with a specialised foreskin stretching balloon. The balloon is modified to encourage adherence to the skin in between the foreskin and glans. The balloon is inflated and left in situ for up to 15 minutes twice daily. Skin that is under tension expands by growing additional cells. A permanent increase in foreskin size occurs by gentle stretching over a period of time. The treatment is non-traumatic and non-destructive. Manual stretching may be carried out without the aid of a medical doctor. The foreskin stretcher balloon based tissue expansion promotes the growth of new skin cells to permanently expand the narrow preputial ring that prevents retraction. In a landmark study, 86% of individuals were cured and could retract their foreskin within 2 to 6 weeks, by applying a cream and skin stretching twice daily. Significant observational and cohort case studies are highly consistent with the aforementioned study. Gentle foreskin stretching preserves the foreskin and sexual sensitivity.

The Complete Phimosis Treatment from Novoglan

Novoglan Complete Phimosis Treatment


Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is a class 1 medical device indicated for the treatment of phimosis or for the preferential loosening of the foreskin. Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Kit is a procedure pack containing the Novoglan device head, treatment balloons, balloon placement rod, antiseptic wipes, cotton buds and air plunger. The treatment is for a minimum period of two weeks. Additional balloons can be obtained to extend the treatment period. An extra-large air plunger is also available to significantly increase stretching pressure for suitable patients Novoglan device head and balloon attached to air plunger.


The Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Procedure is fully supported by instructions that come with the kit and a full video on how to use the product is also available at

The basic procedure is outlined in the following steps as documented and illustrated in the instructions and video:

 Clean the foreskin and remove smegma with cotton buds (where appropriate)

 Insert the placement rod into device head with balloon attached.

 Insert balloon (used rod as a guide), into the phimotic opening and gently push balloon into position as far into the inside of foreskin as comfort allows.

 Remove rod and insert air plunger. Inflate plunger to a level that is comfortable and creates stretching in the foreskin.

 Twist device head several times to seal balloon, remove air plunger and place plug into device head to keep balloon inflated for treatment period.

 Balloon position can be slightly modified after each stretch, however, maintaining the same insertion position works effectively.

 Each stretch should be maintained for 15 minutes and should not cause pain or discomfort. Physicians may direct a longer period of treatment; however, the balloon should not be left in the foreskin during sleep.

 Stretching usually takes two weeks, with some patients needing up to 6 weeks. A steroid cream may be used concomitantly for the first 7 days; however, the cream should not come into contact with the balloon.


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Phimosis Treatment by Novoglan

Phimosis a problem for you? You are not alone. Novoglan gentle foreskin stretcher is used by men all over the world to fix their tight foreskin. Unlike some other rip and tear solutions, Novoglan is a Class 1 medical device indicated to treat a tight foreskin.  Novoglan uses the same principal as used in surgical skin expansion techniques.

Skin will grow and expand when placed under gentle pressure over a period of time.

Novoglan gentle foreskin stretching kit - treats phimosis at home.

Novoglan gentle foreskin stretching kit – treats phimosis at home.

If you would like to know more about Novoglan and how it works and is it right for you, please click here 

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NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is the only Medical Device approved for use to treat phimosis at home. It has a GMDN certificate and is listed on the register of therapeutic goods ARTG# 168962. NOVOGLAN uses gentle, regular, even, pressure to stretch tight foreskin cells. The NOVOGLAN Complete Foreskin Care kit contains foreskin cream to reduce inflammation and prepare the foreskin for stretching. The Kit also contains specially formulated foreskin soap and foreskin friendly personal lubricant. The reason why most men get a tight foreskin | Phimosis | Is due to inflammation. The Complete Foreskin Care from NOVOGLAN Is all about reducing the risk of inflammation. Cure your tight foreskin today and take advantage of the no questions asked money back guarantee. NOVOGLAN is 100% committed to your satisfaction. NOVOGLAN Designed by men for men with a tight foreskin.

Treat Phimosis with Novoglan

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